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Find out what our clients have to say about working with MPS

Testimonials: Video


"I just want to give a big shout out to Boris from metabolic performance solutions for working with me towards some big goals. Boris has by far the largest scientific background of any coach I've worked with over the 9 years I've been an elite cyclist and this is really showing in the results we have achieved together, massive recommendations to any people considering Boris's services"


“Working with Boris and the team at Metabolic Performance Solutions has been Amazing!!!

They are extremely passionate in delivering measurable performance gains in a professional manner.

(assuming you are willing to put the work in – it doesn’t get any easier – you just get faster)

The teams knowledge and guidance - allows me to get the best return on investment of my time and the feedback is responsive, really well detailed and motivates me to produce results.

I’m really looking forward to race day and seeing the results of the partnership and hard work with MPS.

Thanks Team!!”

Luke Woods.jpg


“If you’re looking to improve your performance Boris at MPS can help you .With personalised training plans that are easy to follow and achievable my performance improved tenfold…
As an aging athlete , Boris took all the hard work out of understanding power meters ,watts ,VO2max etc, so all I had to do was ride and get faster and faster following his guidance #climbingfaster MPS = improvement “


"I've been really impressed with the help I've received from Boris as my coach. The communication has been far and above what I expected. I like the way the programs have been structured and put together for me to work away at"

Misty Slope


I've been under the guidance of Boris for only a few weeks at the time of writing, but already it is clear how knowledgeable and committed he is to me as an athlete. What has impressed me most is the descriptive sport science related to each session and in-depth feedback provided post session. 

I'm looking forward to seeing positive results in the near future!


“I’ve used MPS for my fitness testing for just over a year now and have always left the sessions feeling more informed not only from a numbers perspective but from the insight and analysis that Boris can offer.

One of the best things about it is there’s no lying to myself. If I’ve done a training block and not improved in the tests, I know that I don’t respond to that kind of training. That kind of feedback has allowed my coach and I to develop a program that is 100% specific to me and my needs. Interestingly, I found that a lot of the common ‘staples of training’ just didn’t work for me. Now we know that and build my training around what DOES work for me. In a phrase. MPS has been a gamechanger for me. “



"Boris' coaching style is not only effective but also educational. Combined with the Metabolic Performance Solutions lactate testing we had enough data to optimise my training not only for cycling but running and kayaking as well.

Coming from an entirely different discipline (judo / rock climbing - non-endurance based) I provided the team with a difficult problem but they equally provided me with a fitting solution."


"Modern and science based training. Explainable and 100% backed by science, and always available to answer questions"

Zane edit 2.jpg


“Boris made testing super easy. He worked around my time schedule at short notice and his flexibility with testing allowed me to do the exact test my coach wanted. Boris then provided me with an easy to understand write-up of the data to pass onto my coach for future training”

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