Lactate testing - Ramp

Lactate testing - Ramp

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Cheaper than a traditional lab test with more information given


A lactate test designed to determine physiological markers which can be used to measure fitness, set training zones, and determine what type of training is needed for improved performance.

We can provide lactate tests for most sports where speed (e.g. running), or power (e.g. cycling, rowing erg) can be measured. Contact to discuss how we can incorperate lactate testing into your training.


The test will take approximatley 1 hour, with only a few minutes of 'hard effort' required. We recommend a test where we progress in incremental stages, and stop 1-2 stages past the anaerobic threshold/lactate turnpoint as this is sufficient to gather information to base training off of and monitor fitness/conditioning, however, if you would like to go until failure you are welcome to be our guest!


What you receive:

  • Lactate test either indoors or outside depending on preference. Contact us to discuss the advantages and limitations of each method.
  • Aerobic Threshold power/pace
  • Maximal Lactate Steady State power/pace (also known as anaerobic threshold, or similar to FTP for cyclists)
  • 4mmol lactate power/pace (An arbitrary lactate value used as a value of to compare power/pace at 4mmol lactate to in future tests to gauge changes in sub-maximal performance)
  • Analysis of the lactate curve shape and what this means for your current physiology
  • Training zones based off the lactate curve
  • Basic training guidance to improve performance based on your lactate profile
  • A report detailing all of this information


Contact us to arange a lactate test time and venue.