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Measure. Analyse. Plan. Perform

Our philosophy is that the physiology of an athlete is unique, and therefore it is important to identify the physiological adaptations which need to occur to improve the athletes’ performance, and then develop a plan to create these adaptations.

This is a different philosophy to many coaches who will simply provide training which aims to increase the power or pace of a specific workout over a period of time. Of course the end goal of training is indeed to increase the power or pace, but we believe this is best done by looking at the physiological profile of an athlete to determine what physiological changes will facilitate this. Perhaps an athlete requires better aerobic capacity and oxygen transport, or perhaps they need to increase their ability to shuttle lactate, or change their glycolytic capacity, perhaps they need to increase their fat burning ability, or improve lactate clearance/combustion, maybe they need several of these adaptations. By determining which adaptations show the greatest potential for an athlete to improve we can put together a unique, individualised, and effective training plan for both acute and long term performance development. This is very different to the coach who prescribes power numbers to hit each session with the hope they will improve each week. Even when periodisation is included in an athletes plan, many times this is based simply on tradition and training assumptions which does not lead to the best results for most athletes.

Using our systems we can avoid this wasted training time and make progress in the most efficient manner using scientific knowledge and techniques rather than luck or traditional approaches.

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