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About Us. A scientific approach

Head Coach and Founder, Boris Clark


  • Bachelor of Health Science, Integrated Human Health (BhSC), Massey University

  • Current Study, Masters Degree majoring in Sport and Exercise Science (MhSC), Massey University

  • Awarded the title 'Massey Scholar' after receiving the 'Massey Scholarships Health' for being ranked in the top 5% of the colleges postgraduate program.

  • Currently looking into the metabolic response to exercise testing in various environments and conditions, along with a keen interest in the effects of glycolytic energy metabolism on endurance performance

Sport/Cycling major achievements

  • 4xNZ national medalist (3 bronze, 1 silver)

  • 4th NZ individual pursuit Nationals, 2020

  • Raced at professional level in Europe with Bourg en Bresse and La Pomme Marseille

  • 5th GC Tour of New Caledonia, 2x3rd stage placings and 1x3rd

  • KOM leader at NZ Cycle classic (UCI 2.2) and Tour of New Caledonia, Sprint leader at Tour of the Tropics.

  • 10th Gravel and Tar, 2020 (UCI 1.1)

  • Currently racing for Veris Racing (Aus) and CMI Pro Cycling (UCI continental team)

Our Story

Metabolic Performance Solutions was founded by Boris Clark. Boris has a Bachelors degree in Health Science from Massey University, and is currently completing a Masters degree majoring in sport and exercise. After reaching out to coaches and performance managers of several world tour cycling professionals and sports institutes to gain an understanding of their training philosophies and the physiological and scientific underpinnings behind them, Boris realised there was far more information in the form of performance analytics available than are currently used by the majority of coaches. 

One key point raised in these discussions was the idea of do you want to train the athletes physiology, or do you want to train the output/power-meter? Of course achieving more power output or speed, or increasing power and speed duration is the end goal of almost any endurance training program, but training the athletes physiology is a much more controllable approach with many more performance markers available than just aiming for a bigger power number each day.

But how is it possible to gain insight into the athletes physiology and performance? The answer is by looking into the blood. Through investigation it became clear that many of the worlds top endurance coaches use lactate testing to both monitor their athletes training, and steer it in the right direction for maximal performance.

This raised the questions, why is it so difficult to access lactate testing services? Why do most laboratories only use a basic ramp test to determine the lactate threshold and percentage based zones when there is much more information that could be gathered?

Out of this, Metabolic Performance Solutions was born. Utilising knowledge in physiology, nutrition, and human health and conditioning from his studies in the field of Health Sciences and sports science at Massey University, along with years of racing at the elite and UCI level in France, Boris has used his experience to develop a coaching and lactate testing service which fills the gap left by traditional lab testing services. This service has many more applications, and measures more aspects of performance, while also making metabolic performance assessment more accessible for all levels of athletes.

Metabolic Performance Solutions continues to add new services frequently. Stay tuned and subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date with our updates.

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