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We offer a range of innovative lactate testing protocols from which we can gain insight into the current level of both the aerobic and anaerobic metabolisms, recovery times after efforts, zones for eliciting specific training adaptations, and monitoring progress over time.  This uncovers more information than typical lactate testing and allows future training to be adapted to improve the athletes unique physiology, while also allowing simple re-testing to determine the effect of training on an athlete.

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This allows detailed insight into VO2max, anaerobic threshold,  fat and carbohydrate utilisation, and glycolytic capacity. This insight shows exactly what parts of an athletes physiology need to be trained to improve going forward, allows the ability to predict future training adaptations and their effect on performance before the training occurs, provide unique nutrition and training advice, and develop a detailed understanding of how an athletes body is utilising energy.

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We have cycling and multi-sport coaching packages to suit everyones needs, from the sportif rider hoping to set a PB, through to top athletes who want the most scientifically advanced training, nutrition, testing and periodisation approaches. View our coaching section or contact us to find out more.


Let us point you in the right direction.

We can help you with one off projects such as preparing for a specific event, altitude, heat, nutrition periodisation for greater training adaptation, supplement advice, and more. We also provide continued consulting with all our physiological testing services. We help you understand the data, what is means for you as an athlete, and give guidance on future training and diet strategies to maximize training benefits and performance.

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